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Impractical Jokers can be credited with inventing a number of intelligent, hysterical pranking methods. The majority of them are so good that they have people copying them in their social settings. But one really needs nerves to replicate the Jokers’ behavior. There is an element of fear, humiliation, and many social barriers – not everybody can pull through. 

With this piece, we take a look at the funniest Impractical Joker’s challenges from all the seasons so far. If you feel we omitted one of your favorites, let us know in the comments below:

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

The Name Game

We didn’t know names could be this funny. The challenge involves Jokers acting as a receptionist calling out fake people with silly names. The more the joker laughs during the task, the worse his chances are to win.

While many are digestible, some are too stupid to say without cracking. Our favorites include Imafraid Jumibeeinnagang, Macadamia Butt (Macbutt Pro), Simmy Kantstandyourbitz Jr., and Holden Afart. The last one sounds even worse put in a statement, “Sir, are you Holden Afart?”

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

Did I Deserve That?

Again, the Joker is at the counter of a store while a planned angry customer is sent to throw water at him followed by some harsh words.

Now, the Joker has to convince other shoppers that he didn’t deserve to be treated in such a manner. And, of course, the explanation is provided by Jokers in the TV room, so you can imagine the chances of gaining sympathy are slim to nothing. 

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

Buy My Book

Jokers open the pages of their autobiography, and ask people to rate how interesting the book is and if they would be willing to read it.

As you rightly guessed, the story is ever crooked, and people are often seen amazed by the degree of nonsense that the Joker is made to mention. A variation of the challenge involves the same thing except that’s a biographical documentary.

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

Presenting New Products

Jokers can’t be inventors, right? Well, the Jokers in question prove they can be, as long as the aspect of usefulness is out of the question.

Over the years, we have witnessed a number of intuitive products including Brick Flops (flip-flops with a brick attached to them), Yo-Yo Yo-Yo (two yo-yos attached to a single string), and a 47-Hour Energy Bar for hunger that strikes at the 47th hour only, among many others. The segment has both attendees and viewers open-mouthed in utter surprise. 

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

 Would You Be My House Sitter?

First thing first, the house is completely rigged. When the applicant comes over to check the house, numerous surprises pop out ranging from a doll-guillotine chamber and Buddhist monk to breakaway furniture to an automatic salad maker.

After the bizarre set of events have taken place, the person is then asked if they would like to look after the house. They must be out of their minds to say yes. 

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

Being Quite Noisy In The Library

Two Jokers carrying backpacks compete head-to-head in a library. The Jokers pack each other’s bags with noisy items. Once settled at their places, they need to pull out one article after other taking turns and using it as loudly as they can.

The first one to get shushed loses. There is no limit as to what can be inside the bag. A confetti-popper, noisy whistles, and even huge cymbals.

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

The Notetaker

While a serious discussion is underway, a Joker is asked to take notes on a computer while the screen is visible to everybody in attendance. The computer might be with the Joker, but the keyboard is being controlled by the instructing Jokers.

And, the things they write! They don’t spare anyone in the room. Comments are made, people are ridiculed, and notes hardly touch on the real discussion. 

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

Focus Group Showdown

One is the moderator, and the other is the participant. The moderating Joker has written all of the participating Joker’s answers. In order to bag the win, the participating Joker needs to go through every question exactly how it’s been mentioned.

The challenge gives a look into the awesome chemistry between the Jokers as they mess with each other face-to-face. It’s also the best challenge if you want to know who has got whose number. 

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

The Assistants

This is the plain game where the Jokers, while helping customers, need to say and do everything they are told. This is the core that has made the show so great. Over time, the Jokers have evolved and as a result, entrapping them has become tougher.

What could get Murr five years back won’t work today any more. Which statement would work as a silver bullet, nobody knows. And, that’s exactly where the crux lies!

Best Impractical Jokers Challenges

The Presentations

Arguably, the most popular Impractical Jokers segment, the presentations have brought numerous memorable moments. Almost every presentation features elements too hysterical to slip from our brains.

Sal is a pleasure to watch as he can hardy keep it together every time something funny pops up. The man literally cries laughing. Joe, as with other games, would go the distance. While Murr remains collected, Q generally unwittingly walks himself into tricky statements that result in loss.

So there we have it, our list of 10 best Impractical Jokers challenges. What do you think about our picks? Which one is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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