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Chris is among the most likeable characters in Family Guy for a good bunch of reasons. He is quirky, easygoing, dumbly funny, and can’t fake emotions unlike other characters. However, on and off, the teenager doesn’t fail to outsmart others. The special traits of his character put him in a league of the peculiar characters on the TV.

With this article, we take a look at 10 of the most memorable moments highlighted by Chris. As usual, if you feel we missed out one of your favourites, do let us know in the comments below:

Family Guy - Best of Chris

Dating Connie

Connie dates Chris just to make a point that her company can popularize even the most unpopular guys at the school. Well, Connie does the trick with Chris, and he quickly becomes the most popular boy in the school.

However, when Connie falls in love with him for real, Chris cheats on her, exploiting his newly-found celebrity status among school kids. Of course, Connie plans hefty revenge.

Run like a man, you get a suit

It’s one of Chris’s most popular cutaways; Chris takes us to the time when he was hurt pretty bad. While Chris is running with scissors, Peter comments that he runs like a woman.

Overly distraught, Chris stabs himself with the scissors to his death. During the funeral ceremony, Chris is seen lying in a coffin in a girl’s frock. Peter remarks, “Run like a man, you get a suit.”

Family Guy - Best of Chris

National Anthem of America

After the Griffins’ passports are destroyed, they are asked at the embassy to prove they are American. In the process, all are required to sing the national anthem of the USA.

While everybody including Peter (surprisingly) gets the anthem right, Chris, for some reason, sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston. And the exaggeration is just nasty.

Family Guy - Best of Chris

Being hard on eardrums

Chris has often been seen singing on the show. Though his voice is distinct, it’s pain to hear him sing.

During his Voice auditions, Chris takes a beautiful song and turns it absolutely insufferable. The excruciating expressions on the faces of the judges say a thousand words. The twist: Peter is there to make the judges turn at gunpoint.

Family Guy - Best of Chris

Sharing a kiss with Stewie

After Lois confiscates Stewie’s vape, the little man goes after Chris’. The brothers have a physical altercation, and in a desperate attempt to smoke, they end up kissing each other with closed eyes. Weirdly enough, the two seem to enjoy it. However, as they open their eyes, they admit their life will not remain the same.

Family Guy - Best of Chris

Erotic dancing video leaked

In the school auditorium, Connie and Meg leak a sickly erotic video of Chris. No kidding, the guy has got flair in his moves. But, other than that, everything about the video is just sickening. Wearing crimson lipstick, he is flirting with a piece of cloth while singing softly. Worse yet, Peter walks in on him, and immediately goes berserk seeing the show.

Parenting the squirrel with Stewie

The bit is both sweet and sour. Chris and Stewie find a squirrel in their garden, and the two decide to collaborate to nurture it. The brothers do everything much like every excited new parents.

They have a little argument over choosing a song to be posted on Instagram to go with the squirrel’s picture. However, just as they pick on, Brian eats the squirrel alive in the most bizarre way. The sad parents have a funeral ceremony.

Family Guy - Best of Chris

Working for Quagmire

Chris is working for Quagmire. Well, since it’s Quagmire, we can guess what the work might entail. Chris sorts out Quagmire’s schedule and lines up his girls according to his availability and mood. While nothing about the job is professional, Chris displays every spirit of commitment towards the job. And, as a bonus, he gets something that was expected from Quagmire.

Filming the evil monkey

The relationship between Chris and Evil Monkey who lives in his closet is almost as old as the show. In a bid to produce evidence that Evil Monkey really exists, Chris places a video recorder in his bedroom to record what happens while he is asleep. Much to his surprise, the recording contains everything he couldn’t have dreamt of. First, Peter and Quagmire play a little prank on him, and then Lois shows up to steal some of his cash. Eventually, a naked Herbert comes to draw his picture.

Family Guy - Best of Chris

Chris’ failed cutaway

Chris is having dinner with his parents when he decides to give a flashback of the time he had dinner at Tommy Sullivan’s house. We all expected the cutaway to have some energy as usual, however, surprisingly it was plain and stale, unlike anything we have ever seen on the show. The failed cutaway has Peter and Los rebuke Chris. The pros comment that Chris is not ready for cutaways as it was “awful”.

So there we have it, our favourite Chris moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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