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All of the main Family Guy characters are similar in a few ways and dissimilar in other ways. One of the common things among all of them is that they have hilarious things to say and do, which are highlighted across the different episodes. For Brian, what sets him apart from the rest is his characterization as the result of integrating his dog habits with human emotions.

In our latest Family Guy article, we focus on some of the most entertaining Family Guy moments featuring Brian. We’ve watched through dozens of Family Guy scenes featuring the likable dog to put together our list of his best moments. Let us know in the comments if we included one of your favourites!

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Brian takes the stand for Meg

Connie, the school’s most popular girl, has a habit of belittling her schoolmates and Meg is one of her favourites, of course. Well, in this instance Connie started picking on Meg while the latter was in the company of Brian.

Just as the articulate dog started speaking, Connie realized her timing was wrong. It merely took Brian a couple of seconds to make Connie run away from the party. Some strong statements, really.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Is it over, over?

One of the best written bits for an animated sitcom, the famous ‘over’ scene takes place between Brian and his best buddy, Stewie. As per the little guy’s instructions, Brian is required to say ‘over’ every sentence to indicate the sentence is really over. Well, you see the trouble there, don’t you?

The endeavour didn’t go as planned, and the conversation never really ended. While Stewie continues talking, Brian was left annoyed with a bunch of ‘overs’.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Brian sees a dog from inside the car

Most Family Guy fans seem to greatly enjoy it when the doggie side of Brian is activated. Brian is in the car with Lois. At the red signal, the guy notices another dog in a car.

He immediately goes berserk, and gives a display of all sorts of dog stuff from jumping, moving in circles, scratching, and whatnot – all in vain, of course. If you like such scenes, there have been tons of them. Our favorites include – Lois disciplining Brian, Brian as an old dog, and Brian when he hears the siren.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Jealous of the new dog

When the new dog hogs all the attention, Brian is forced to try and reconnect with the members of the family. He even digs out an old tape containing videos of him as a puppy.

Well, the family hardly notice anything. Brian even goes so far as to fart to feel some familial love. Unfortunately, all he gets is a kick-outta-house.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Brian tries to clear the air

The entire town despises Brian – based on nothing but a careless tweet he sent earlier. As the protests begin to impact his personal life, Brian is forced to confront a group of protestors in a bid to explain his stance.

However, the group hardly pays any attention to him, instead, they start pinpointing words in his speech that they consider inappropriate. Frustrated, Brian snaps at them but eventually gets hit.

Brian, a property broker

Thanks to his new set of teeth and ability to talk, Brian is hired by a property agency to sell properties. The fluent liar knows his way around no matter who the potential customer is.

Within a short period of time, he becomes the top seller – just steps away from being the manager. Later, he tricks Quagmire into buying a lamentable condo. Then, in order to complete the deal, he goes to enormous lengths.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Deceiving the blind girlfriend

This is where Brian proves he really is a terrible man, dog, or whatever. He exploits his girlfriend’s visual impairment to his advantage.

He tricks her into believing he took her to Paris, fended off the street gangsters, and that he is a generous human – the worst one of all. Brian carries on his charade until Stewie’s over-commitment ruins the game, and he has to reveal his identity.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Living as an independent dog

Forced out of the Griffin house, Brian goes to live alone in a terrible apartment. Not much to speak about since he is by himself, but he sure makes the bit entertaining with his efforts to adapt to a new lifestyle.

He goes grocery shopping, installs some bulbs, and tries to keep himself busy. Well, surprisingly, Brian does pretty well.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Carter’s service dog

Brian is infamous among people of Quahog for being a super hypocrite. It takes merely one or two benefits for Brian to tip his toe into something bad.

That’s exactly what happened when he has to take care of Carter for a couple of days. At first, he expressed strong disapproval of Carter owning a disproportionately large amount of wealth. However, as soon as he was introduced to the benefits of being wealthy, the dog turned greedy.

Family Guy - Best of Brian

Brian with baby

Brian isn’t fond of babies. As a matter of fact, he can’t stand them. At a restaurant, Brian is bugged out of his mind by a crying baby. In response, Brian gives the baby the taste of his own pill meaning he fake cries to cover the cries of the baby.

The situation turns hilarious with the dog eventually wining the crying face-off.

So there we have it, our favourite Brian moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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