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Among the most gifted actors that work in Hollywood currently, Anne Hathaway is arguably among the most recognizable actresses around the globe right now. Hathaway made her first movie appearance in 2001 with The Princess Diaries, and since then has gone on to establish herself as among Hollywood’s most influential women.

The majority of Anne Hathaway’s flicks tend to be rom-coms or comedy-dramas, however, she has occasionally deviated from her usual genre picking, shocking us with her extraordinary range and vulnerable nature.

Les Miserables

In this movie version of the wildly popular stage musical, Hathaway portrays a tragic factory employee who turns into a prostitute. During the course of the movie, Hathaway gives her character a fantastic arc, heading from a helpless mom struggling to nourish her kid to a blousy sidewalk hooker who has completely given up in hopelessness to a lovely spectral memory.

Hathaway plays a secondary character in Tom Hooper’s sweeping musical drama, in which she later won her first Oscar. Despite having a small amount of screen time, Anne’s work largely determines the atmosphere and tone of the movie as a whole.

The performances, with Hathaway’s without a doubt the finest, lift the whole theatrical experience despite the movie’s many shortcomings.

Rachel Getting Married

The outstanding Jonathan Demme directed this overlooked film which tells the tale of a girl who has just left a drug rehab after a brief stay and is heading to her sister’s wedding ceremony. With the help of some exquisite writing and subtle direction, Hathaway gives her most complex performance yet as Kim Buchman.

This is primarily a character-driven film, so it speaks volumes about her top-notch acting skills that Hathaway is able to play such an emotionally taxing role with such a richly nuanced performance.

Brokeback Mountain

In spite of getting very little screentime, Hathaway, who plays Jake Gyllenhaal’s spouse in Ang Lee’s heartbreaking cowboy romance, makes us conscious of her abilities by giving a performance that is incredibly strong and powerful.

Hathaway is exceptional as Lureen Twist, revealing startling vulnerability through an incredibly multifaceted performance. Even though Hathaway was merely 22 years old at that point in time, the level of maturation she gives to the part is remarkable.

The Intern

As the chief executive officer of a company in which Robert De Niro’s character works as an intern, Anne Hathaway gives among the best performances of her career together with one of the most notable living American performers. De Niro masterfully underplays his part and paves the path for Hathaway while she masterfully seizes the reins of the flick.

While the movie does occasionally feel too basic, there are a few genuinely endearing, humorous moments, and the acting will make for a pleasant viewing experience overall.

The Devil Wears Prada

The intimidating challenge of co-starring on screen with the legendary Meryl Streep is met head-on by Hathaway. In this movie, Hathaway serves as an assistant to an extremely powerful and significant fashion magazine editor.

Despite the fact that Streep smoothly controls her in scenes where the two of them are together, Hathaway gives it everything she’s got and tries tirelessly to match Streep’s acting prowess, partially succeeding, which is still impressive.

The movie’s incredible cast, which includes Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci, transform the charming comedy-drama into a thrilling viewing experience.

Love and Other Drugs

In this charming, passionate rom-com, Anne Hathaway plays a young lady with Parkinson’s disease who falls in love with Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, who is a pharmaceutical salesperson.

Hathaway’s performance, which serves as one of the most enjoyable parts of the film, is gracefully seamless and heartwarmingly loving. She is an excellent fit for the part, with her and Gyllenhaal boasting the most endearing onscreen pairings in recent memory.

Becoming Jane

With her warmly fragile and calm performance as Jane Austen, Hathaway transforms a mediocre film into an enjoyable experience. She received mixed reviews for multiple elements of her performance, with certain critics focusing on her accent.

The movie occasionally loses focus and veers off course, but Hathaway succeeds in bringing out the vulnerable side of Austen, which essentially makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

One Day

With its welcoming tone, authenticity, and grace, the movie has the potential to lure you. In the movie, a couple has a memorable evening together on the day of their graduation and continues to communicate even after they part ways.

The movie is an elegantly thrilling blend of passion, comedy, and a little bit of emotions, and Hathaway’s energy and vivacity give the movie an enticing flavor that contributes to making it so pleasant despite a couple of issues that threaten to ruin its cleverly plotted storyline.


In Havoc, a group of affluent youngsters get into trouble when they become involved in the drug trade after having been greatly influenced by hip-hop and passing themselves off as gangsters. At this point, Hathaway plays an entirely distinct character: a vivacious young teenager that gets sucked into the drug trade and is flirty, attractive, and extremely bold.

Anne portrays Allison Lang with a performance that fiercely demonstrates her brilliant range as a performer. Allison Lang is lively, dangerous, sensuous, and wildly desirable.

The Princess Diaries

Hathaway’s breakthrough role was in Gary Marshall’s movie adaptation of Meg Cabot’s book sporting the same name. She showcases her excellent performing abilities as Mia Thermopolis, and even though this performance doesn’t seem as layered or refined as many of her others, it still manages to be warmly funny and lovely.

Hathaway’s performance does suffer from the movie’s occasional naiveté and the writing’s lack of sophistication, but she still charms audiences with her natural sweetness and endearing demeanor, which manages to give her character an oddly humorous edge.

So there we have it, our 10 picks for best Anne Hathaway movies. What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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